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📌 Saved sessions:
👍 Countn.com is a website you can count on!

How to use tally counter:

• Check the "🔊 Beep" and/or "🗣️ say" count checkboxs to play an audio beep and/or speak upon tally button click. Audio option check setting will automatically save itself for next session. Note: Audio may not function in some browsers and some browsers may require audio checkbox to be unchecked/rechecked upon each session for audio to function.

• Check "🙈 hide 🕑 timestamp log." button to hide each counter's timestamp log and "Enter log note." field.

• Check "👁️ Display timer." button to open a countdown timer box, fixed at page-top. Set timer by entering hours, minutes and seconds into their appropriate fields. Click "🏃S" to start countdown. Once countdown is complete, click "🔄R" to reset for another timing session. Check "⏰A" for an audio alarm. Check "🔒L" to lock page upon countdown completion.

• Select between "🌞 Day" or "🌛 night" mode to transform page color theme from "light to dark" or "dark to light". Mode setting will be automatically saved and applied to next pageload.

• Tally counter options can be hidden by checking the "🙈 hide options" button and returned by checking the "👁️ Display" button.

• Check "🐁 minimal counter." radio button to reduce counter display into a small, single button, positive increment counter for easier multiple tally counting. Button's format will be tally's name over count and background will flash green upon increment. Full display mode may be returned at any time by checking the "🐘 Full" radio button. Mistaken increments can be decremented by checking the "−1 on next click." checkbox and clicking the counter again. Count will decrement and the "−1 on next click." checkbox will be unchecked. You will need to return to full mode to rename, reset, delete counters.

Within tally counter box from top to bottom:

• Tally counter name field may be edited to an unique name at any time. Name may be up to 20 characters long and can only contain letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9, space and hyphen.

• Click "X" button to delete counter.

• Click "0" button to reset counter to zero.

• Click "−1" button to decrement count.

• Click "+1" button to increment count.

• Tally count field may be edited at any time. To start count at 125, enter 125 into tally count field.

• "Enter log note." field will attach an pre-entered (before click) note into the end of the next count's timestamp log line.

• "Timestamp log." box will record a timestamp of each tally count. Log can be altered (i.e. add log note) at any time by entering text directly into log-box. Check the "hide log." button to hide log-box.

• Click "➕ Make another counter." button to load additional tally counters. Loaded counter can be renamed within the counter's name field. Name can only contain characters letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9, space and hyphen.

• Click "🔄 Reset all." button to reset all current counters to zero.

• Click "⛔ Delete all." button to delete all current counters.

• Click "⏏️ Load names." button to create new tally counters from a list of counter names. Name list requires each name on a new line.

• Click "📈 Tally report." button to generate a list of current and saved tally sessions.

• Click "📝 Notes" to store notes relating to your use of this tool.

• To save the default (page load) session, enter a session name into the "Enter session's name." field and click the "📌 Save session." button. Name may be up to 20 characters long and can only contain letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9, space and hyphen. Saved sessions will display as a button under the "Saved sessions:" title and clicking a session button will load the session. Save sessions can be instantaneously switched between each other, are automatically updated and don't need to be saved again. Session can be closed or deleted by clicking the "🌂 Close" or "⛔ Delete" button respectively, located next to the loaded session's title. Saved sessions are stored using HTML5 local storage (located within your computer) and loss of local storage will result in irreversible loss of data.

Note: Some features of this tool may not function in pre "Edge" versions of Internet Explorer, older browsers and some mobile browsers.

Privacy of Data: Tool is built-with and functions-in Client Side JavaScripting. No server calls are made during the use of this tool.

Log Files: This website's webserver records log files. The information inside the log files includes: ip address, date/time stamp, referring page and user agent.

Cookies: This website does not use browser cookies but does use local web storage to save tally data and settings. This website's statistical service will load a third party browser cookie.

Disclaimer: Tool provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied and used at your own risk.

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